Storage Hypervisors - Video Blog (1 of 3) with DataCore, HDS, IBM & Virsto

In my storage-hypervisors-need-more-hype/index.html" target="_blank">last blog, I 'trailed' a series of three short videos that I would be posting. You can click back to the other blog for a full explanation of the genesis of these pieces.....but the quick version is that I was fortunate to run a panel recently with four of the leading vendors in this space. While we'd expected lots of discussion about their different approaches to the storage hypervisor opportunity, the panelists and I soon realized that basic education about the concept and possibilities was a more pressing need than vendor-specific pitching.

And so came the video blog idea. As you'll see, the vendors represented constitiute a good range - from large to small, start-up to giant - and also have different 'takes' on the actual implementation of storage hypervisors. But that's for another day, and another video. For this first montage, the question on the table is whether they were surprised at the need for basic education, and why they felt it was the case.

Thanks for watching.

More soon.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility