Storage Hypervisors - Video Blog (2 of 3) with DataCore, HDS, IBM, & Virsto

In a recent blog, I 'trailed' a series of three short videos that I would be posting. You can click back storage-hypervisors-need-more-hype/index.html" target="_blank">here to the other blog for a full explanation of the genesis of these pieces.....but the quick version is that I was fortunate to run a panel recently with four of the leading vendors in this space. While we'd expected lots of discussion about their different approaches to the storage hypervisor opportunity, the panelists and I soon realized that basic education about the concept and possibilities was a more pressing need than vendor-specific pitching.

And so came the video blog idea. As you'll see, the vendors represented constitiute a good range - from large to small, start-up to giant - and also have different 'takes' on the actual implementation of storage hypervisors. But that's for another day, and another video. Here's a link to the storage-hypervisors-video-blog-1-of-3-with-datacore-hds-ibm-virsto/index.html" target="_blank">first video blog. For this second montage, the topic up for discussion is to explain what a storage hypervisor is and does....

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure