Storage Trends Research (#1 in a series) – includes video

Peters_Storage_Challenges.jpgESG recently completed in-depth research on the state of the storage market; its own technologies and market trends as well as its key intersections to other notable IT implementations and shifts. We are presenting some of the extended highlights from the findings in multiple ESG Briefs (each focused on a particular topic), as well as tighter summaries of those Briefs in accompanying ESG videos. These will be rolling out over the next few weeks and we’ll capture all the available links in these blogs each time a new piece is posted.

The research itself was carried out in the middle of this year; it covered 356 completed online surveys, across midmarket and enterprise accounts in North America that represented all major vertical industries. Some of the key areas we focused on include cloud, emerging data types, CI/HCI, market consolidation, flash and object storage. We also carried out very similar research in EMEA just beforehand, so we’ll be talking about that – the results and comparisons (both between countries in EMEA, and between EMEA and North America) later this year as well.

This first video talks at a high level about overall storage trends, challenges, and spending intentions. Take a look:

There’s more detailed information on all this in the ESG Brief that’s available here. We make no apology for coining yet another industry phrase (“hybrid-cloud-defined IT world”) – don’t expect products to adopt the moniker; it is simply intended to convey that we clearly live in interesting (aka complex aka demanding) storage times.

Next up will be our findings on flash….look for that in a week or so.  

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