Storage Versus Data: The Role of Storage in Managing the Larger Data IT Ecosystem (Video)

Sinclair_Yuen.jpgAs a storage guy, this is going to be little difficult for me to say, or write, but the enterprise storage technology is only one part of the data management ecosystem. It is not the be-all and end-all of data management.

This realization may be tough for some storage vendors to admit, while I assume the majority of CIOs just intuitively understand it. For a business, what matters is the data, not the storage. In this ever-increasing digitally enabled world of business, data management is not a necessary evil, it is a business enabler, and can in the right circumstances become a differentiator for your company and drive revenue growth.

I have the pleasure to work with some brilliant people here at ESG, and I got a chance to talk with Edwin Yuen, who heads up ESG’s Systems Management practice. We took a moment to discuss the role of storage in the larger data management ecosystem. And here is what he had to say.

Topics: Storage Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI