Strata + Hadoop World = Big Data x Innovation

The recent Strata + Hadoop World show in San Jose was again a fascinating cross-section of the larger big data and analytics market space. Watch our "man on the scene" video or read on below for some quick highlights. Note: the one-side flared collar is a fashion fad you saw here first!

Some clear themes included:

  • Hadoop is evolving as a broad ecosystem, not necessarily centered on any particular distribution. Sometimes collaborative, sometimes contentious, but it's a truly dynamic free market where the best ideas will win out eventually.
  • The intersection of Hadoop and Spark is an example of this interplay. Both areas are gaining traction with customers, and the combination is proving especially powerful.
  • The new Open Data Platform is intended to help provide some more common ground for vendors and more confidence for customers, parallel to how Apache coordinates project development. However, without participation from Cloudera, MapR, and others it remains to be seen if this consortium is more unifying or divisive.
  • Security, privacy and governance are now absolutely top of mind topics, not irritating afterthoughts for businesses. Products and services that can deliver these attributes will be prioritized over those that leave these operational requirements unaddressed.
  • The intersection of Internet of Things and big data analytics is becoming more pronounced, with some solutions looking squarely at how to make sense of the many sensors and instruments coming online. Real applications are emerging.
  • Many smart people from all branches of IT have now moved into the big data space, and it's interesting to see a wider variety of ideas blending with and reshaping the collected wisdom of the early adopters and innovators.
  • Some interesting and fun ideas are out there, from connected cows, to a national chief data scientist, to the singularity where AI becomes a new, smarter species alongside us humans.

Here are some illustrative live comments from the event, via Twitter.

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