SUSE Expands the Edge and Containers at SUSECON Digital 2022

SUSE's annual global conference, SUSECON, held virtually in June, was jam-packed with initiatives and information essential for the future of SUSE and for the open-source market.

A lot has occurred in the last year for SUSE. For one, SUSE is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and was the largest enterprise software IPO in Europe in 2021, according to the vendor. I find this interesting, considering how long SUSE has been in the market. Based on SUSECON, it's clear that the direction of the business is focused on maturity and growth.


Highlights of SUSECON

The commitment to the open-source community shaped the talk track at SUSECON 2022. SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato kicked off the event, highlighting the company's main focus areas with these products and initiatives:

  • Business-critical Linux
  • Enterprise container management
  • Cloud-native edge innovation

In my TechTarget article, I expand on the highlights at SUSECON 2022 and how our related research connects into SUSE’s strategy including growth at the edge:


Paul’s POV

With the announcements at SUSECON, I am interested to see whether SUSE can break through these industry obstacles to help deliver on its promise of business success. It remains to be seen if the technologies, tools, and approaches communicated at this event will provide the capabilities to address these concerns. Will SUSE be able to execute and continue the momentum? Time will tell. Stay tuned for SUSECON 2023.

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