Synchronoss Technologies Welcomes New CEO, Glenn Lurie (and a Potential Boost to Business)

handshake_puzzle.jpgSynchronoss is excited about having Glenn Lurie as its new CEO—and no wonder. With some business “speed bumps” at Synchronoss, Lurie’s leadership experience and business relationships (after all, he was AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Operations President and CEO) will give Synchronoss an opportunity to tune its focus in the market, and potentially create significant partnerships with technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) ecosystems. Lurie clearly recognizes the multiple market opportunities Synchronoss has right in front of it, and is able to swiftly connect the dots between Synchronoss innovation, TMT ecosystems, and the digital transformation increasing numbers of companies are undergoing. 

Moreover, Lurie can also help Synchronoss focus on the company’s global opportunities as businesses look to create “mobile moments” for customers and employees. While I suspect we’ll see some tweaks to the Synchronoss product offerings, it will be interesting to observe how Lurie creates new relationships and, perhaps more importantly, how Synchronoss will execute with these new relationships in place. 

Synchronoss has a strong market opportunity based on the way companies are embracing cloud consumption models and mobile solutions. It will be essential for Synchronoss to turn up the volume in an already noisy market to ensure that companies, customers, and partners understand the unique value Synchronoss delivers—and how it differentiates itself from the existing, adjacent market players.