Taking Dell's Marketing to the Market - More From DTW (video)

Market Screen ShotAs mentioned in my first blog reviewing the key takeaways from Dell Technology World (DTW), there was so much to cover that we decided to split our customary "ESG On Location" video into two parts. The first one covered some of the key technologies and announcements that were made at DTW, together with some overall insights about the event and the company

But of course, however technically good the products and solutions from any vendor are, that goodness must not just be communicated to the market, but also must be proven and delivered. It is the difference [albeit these items can, and should, be complementary] between marketing endeavors and go-to-market activities. This video takes a look at some of the go-to-market efforts and opportunities by/for Dell. You'll hear from Steve Duplessie about the central importance of its expanded, and expanding, customer-focus; Adam DeMattia on some key work ESG has done for Dell to help prove the tangible value of IT Transformation; and Kevin Rhone about the recent progress in the Dell channel.


There's also plenty more coverage from the ESG contingent at DTW in this blog from Edwin Yuenthis one from Bob Lalibertethis one from Scott Sinclair, one from Mike Leone on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and one from Mike on converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.

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