Talking About the Next Steps in IT Automation (ESG 360 Video Series)

Peters_Duplessie_360_AutomationIt’s easy to talk about automation within IT as an inherently ‘good thing’; but, as Steve Duplessie explains in this conversation, things in IT are invariably done for far more pragmatic reasons than just some vague intrinsic nice-ness! As we move from functional automation (where the real value usually emphasizes cost saving) to more holistic or system-wide automation - both across and between systems – the motivation is more about getting better ROI from better and faster business decisions; moreover those improvements can often be based upon inputs from disparate data sources and applications.

This next level of IT automation is certainly not easy, but the potential payoffs are enormous; indeed, it's a potential that is contributing to the pervasive talk of AI and ML these days. Steve also reveals one of the key underlying obstacles (spoiler alert - it ain’t technology!); something that we’ll discuss further in another of these videos. 

Please feel free to reach out to Steve Duplessie or me, Mark Peters, to discuss any of these topics in more depth.

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Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure