Talking Big Data at NE VMUG

Yesterday, VMUG held its annual New England Winter Warmer conference at the New England Patriots' home turf, Gillette Stadium. While we (Mark Bowker, myself, and the ESG rock star event team) were chatting about Virtualization Computing Infrastructures in the Putnam Club, the football team was on the field getting ready for its upcoming playoff game. Looking out onto the field and the stadium, I was compelled to use Gillette Stadium and its 68,756 seating capacity as my platform for our Big Data Demystified breakout session. While the venue was not large, the topic was all Big.

During our session, we packed the house and went through what Big Data really means - from its core definition to the various use cases. We stripped away the market hype, and reviewed Big Data, its impact on the data center and traditional data analytics, and talked about the technical components of Hadoop - mainly HDFS and MapReduce.

Big data has the potential to disrupt current IT and data center support processes, and since it is very rarely virtualized at this time, those that are responsible for supporting server virtualization platforms wanted to get a basic understanding. We had a great session, talked football, and compared a tour bus full of 60 fans going to the Pats game this weekend (traditional data sets) to 68,000 + fans at Gillette stadium (Big Data sets).

Keeping with the paradigms, we scoped the Big Data Zone in terms of data volumes, data variety, and the velocity - or how quickly organizations want data analytics activities completed. We discussed big data analytics platforms, a subject of my most recent Market Landscape Report.

If you are interested in checking out this presentation, go to our session recap website here where you can find the slide deck, related content, and videos. It was a good time, and we had great questions and discussions--thanks to all who attended!

Go Pats!

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI