Talking Connectivity and Experience (ESG 360 Video Series)

Peters_Laliberte_360_ConnectivityIn this conversation, Bob Laliberte talks about the increasing relevance of [optimized] networking in the contemporary IT world; of course, networking has always mattered, but it has often been the most likely component of IT infrastructure to be viewed as "plumbing."

These days, however, with the emphases on mobility, clouds, the edge, and distributed-everything (data and applications just as much as endpoint-access), the integral impact of networking on connectivity and experience is becoming ever clearer. When everything-IT is interlinked, the linkages matter intently! Bob outlines the main points and then talks about how this new focus on optimized networking is being - and can be - made manifest.  

We hope you find this video discussion useful. We will expand - and update - the series regularly.

Read more at Bob's blog on the subject and please feel free to reach out to Bob Laliberte or me, Mark Peters, to discuss any of these topics in more depth.

Topics: Networking