Talking Networking, Part 1 (ESG 360 Video Series)

Peters_Laliberte_360IT has probably never been more complex and demanding than today: even as approaches such as convergence, myriad clouds, containers and software-definition (etc.) seek to make operations simpler, so to a degree such elements can also obfuscate some of the underlying subtleties and opportunities of the foundational components. After all, while it’s great to focus on purchasing - for instance - application service levels or business outcomes, some understanding of the IT elements (and considerations or choices) that contribute to those is also often useful. That is the purpose of this video discussion series: it offers ESG’s subject matter experts discussing some of the key trends, drivers, and considerations across various IT areas. We aim to do it succinctly and to deliver it in engaging, plain English - while also tying each technology area back to its eventual potential to positively impact both IT and business results. 

We hope you find this video discussion useful. We will expand - and update - the series regularly.

This time, Bob Laliberte covers the changes in - and enormous value to be derived from - networking. There's probably an inverse relationship between the amount of time many IT professionals spend thinking about networking and its importance to today's digital experience. But the change of networking from a pretty static and largely physical data-center plumbing tool to a dynamic and seamless, invariably wireless, mesh that encompasses extensive distribution, clouds, ROBOs and IoT, is critical to contemporary life (...let alone IT).   

Please feel free to reach out to Bob Laliberte or me, Mark Peters, to discuss any of these topics in more depth. 

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