Talking NVMe and Optimized Hybrid Storage Management (ESG 360 Video Series)

Peters_Sinclair_360_NVMeThis conversation is an update with Scott Sinclair on a couple of the key trends in the storage part of the IT ecosystem as we move towards the end of 2018. While the terms discussed here might not be brand new, the extent of focus and interest is moving extremely rapidly. The things Scott wanted to emphasize were NVMe and optimized Hybrid Storage Management.

  • NVMe is not just a protocol designed specifically for flash; it is moving from being all about better connectivity to being used in the fabric and it will also be a foundation for viable storage class memory, not to mention the fully solid-state data center.
  • While ‘hybrid’ is a very popular term across IT, its importance in data and storage management is that users are increasingly not making an on-premises-versus-cloud decision, but rather are determining how best to have on-premises-with-cloud. Of course, this can create planning challenges (as the operational and financial modes vary dramatically between on-premises and the public cloud) but it also offers huge optimization opportunities - today the focus is on placement (whether of data and/or apps) and perhaps limited movement, but the next step (and huge focus) is to use AI, etc., to make this dynamic and optimized.

Scott adds color and depth to both points in the video.

Please feel free to reach out to Scott Sinclair or me, Mark Peters, to discuss any of these topics in more depth.

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