Tape - Spinning Its Wheels or Ready For Traction?

Tape usage is declining, which is in many ways—and, for what it matters, in my opinion—an unfortunate thing. According to new ESG research, many organizations expect to further reduce their use of both on-premises and offsite tape storage. But forfeiting the many genuine benefits of tape could also be a costly mistake for them.

ESG has just published a Brief, Tape Usage is Declining – But It Shouldn’t Be, that covers both current and future tape usage trends, as well as highlighs some of the reasons that the all-too-common and easy assertion that "Oh yeah, we're phasing out tape wherever we can" may be just a tad myopic and/or founded on old and erroneous beliefs about the technology. Give the Brief a read to get a fresh look at the benefits of tape storage in today’s world of hot and cold data. It's an industry that might look like it's spinning its wheels, there are reasons to believe it's actually just getting ready for some new traction...

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure