Tech Sex Sells? Understanding Marketing v. Advertising v. PR v. Branding

Since most companies in tech get this stuff all wrong, I thought I'd share something I received from a pal who is the CMO of the ill-fated NHL's New Jersey Devils.

This might be the most concise, brilliant, and accurate depiction I've seen on the subject.

When your phone starts ringing with customers coming to you because they heard you have the right stuff to help them, you've won. All the other stuff is simply a part of that process.

Now, don't think that just because you are sexy you automatically win. You don't. You still need to have a real problem that merits solving. Just being good looking isn't enough. If it were then Tara Reid would still have a career. You need to have a solution to a problem that a market actually will spend money to solve first. Then you have the right to start telling the world about how great you are. If the problem is big enough (and real enough), you'll be surprised at how little you have to yell. You won't need to spend that much on advertising, PR can be your cheapest outlet.

Final point: While intended to be a joke, in this example the presumed problem is that these poor woman can't find anyone to provide amazing sex, thus their needs go unmet. Thus the strategy of telling everyone and anyone that you are the solution could work—because the market KNOWS it has a problem. In most tech cases, this is not true (and yet 90% of all companies focus their overall marketing/messaging strategy as if it were). 90% of the time the messaging should be around the PROBLEM, not the solution. Until you can get the market to realize it has a legit problem, it doesn't matter how great your gizmo, or sexual prowess, is.

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