Teradata Takes the Turf for Big Data and Analytics

It’s hard to picture the sport of big data and analytics without Teradata in the tournament. Depending on your loyalties, Teradata might be a favorite or you may be wishing for a new star to emerge. Either way, Teradata has long been a leader in traditional integrated data warehousing and data mart solutions, offering a wide range of platforms and tools for analytics and reporting.

Now the company is modernizing its portfolio with a much greater emphasis on big data and analytics and an inclusive approach to newer offerings such as Hadoop. The flexible range of multi-functional appliances will appeal to Teradata’s current enterprise customers who need to blend different data types for advanced analytics, although more must be done to show the broader market the value of appliances over commodity hardware and open source software.

Put another way, Teradata a perennial contender in the data warehousing group, and now seeks to score a few quick goals to prove its new moves will make an impact.

ESG subscribers can read more in the recently published solution brief, Teradata's Fresh Portfolio for Big Data and Analytics.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI