The 2018 Channel Acceleration Awards: The Dell EMC Partner Program

ESG-channel-acceleration-award-2018Next in our 2018 Award Winners is Dell Technologies. After bringing Dell and EMC together officially in late 2016, making sure that two different programs and partner bases merged and stayed relevant was key. Maintaining mindshare from the top IT partners in 2017 was a complex task, one that they pulled off with flair!

ESG awards allow us to share our thoughts on channel-focused companies that stood out over the past several months—and the steps that they took to help partners do more deals, drive their top and bottom lines, and continue to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently.

Our awards represent our POV—a way for us to identify vendors/channel teams that are doing things we all can learn from. We recognize these companies because they stand out from the pack in terms of best practices program design, coupled with partner-engagement and execution. Here we go with Dell Technologies, the latest ESG Channel Award winner!

ESG Channel Acceleration Program Evolution Award

This category is open to all vendors that undertook major changes to their programs due to a significant shift to a product focus and/or route to market, or following a major merger or acquisition. The changes to their programs are integral to a strategic plan to drive an increased percentage of business through the channel and feature investment to help their channel partners build and grow a profitable combined business.

ESG Channel Acceleration Program Evolution Winner: Dell Technologies (Dell EMC Partner Program)


  • Brought the independent Dell and EMC world-class programs together to keep the best of both.
  • New, common structure with 5 tracks across all solution providers, MSP/CSPs, OEMs, distribution global alliances, and federal partners.
  • One portal with SSO, access to productivity tools such as deal registration, incumbency benefits, and rebate calculators.
  • Simplified training programs to provide the same depth and quality delivered to direct sales teams.
  • Industry-leading “dollar-one” rebates reward marketing, net-new business, and services delivery, across the entire portfolio.
  • Specific incentives for partners that invest in multiple competencies in portfolio products, transformation services, and solutions.
  • Partner Academy allows partners to either go deep around a competency, or develop breadth across a mix of portfolio solutions.
  • Line of business incumbency protects partner investment in customers and accounts under strict rules of engagement.

Channel Acceleration Impact

The combined program unified the entire Dell EMC partner ecosystem under the “Powered by Dell EMC” brand and the goals of “Simple. Predictable. Profitable.” The combination of improved rewards, end-to-end enablement supporting the selling process, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities allowed forward-looking partners to be more aggressive in promoting the broad and deep product set. How do we measure success? By the solid feedback we received from Dell EMC partners, who have upped their investment and commitment!

There’s more on the way! Dell Technologies is the third of six winners we will be recognizing during April and May. We will be highlighting leaders in other areas including Cloud Go-to-Market, Managed Services, and the ever-popular Vendor to Watch.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. The next winner will be coming your way shortly!

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