The 2018 Channel Acceleration Awards: The HPE Partner Ready Program

ESG-channel-acceleration-award-2018Our final 2018 Award Winner is Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), and we’re finishing up the year on a high note. As you will see below, the introduction of the new GreenLake Flex Capacity for Partners Program is a game changer!

ESG awards allow us to share our thoughts, recognizing IT channel-focused companies that stood out this yearand the innovative steps that they took to help partners evolve their go-to-market actions, drive top and bottom lines, and solve new customer problems quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

One reminder: Our awards represent our POVa way for us to identify vendors/channel teams that are doing things we all can learn from. We recognize these companies because they stand out from the pack in terms of best practices in program design, coupled with partner engagement and execution. Here we go with our latest 2018 ESG Channel Award winner!

ESG Channel Acceleration Partner Transformation Award

Criteria: This category is open to any vendor that operates a U.S. channel-led strategy of hardware, software and services in all vertical markets, and a channel program that has been in place for a minimum of three years.

By combining innovative product offerings and creative program elements, this vendor presents to partners a unique opportunity to transform their businesses and become focused on next-generation consumption and business models.

ESG Channel Acceleration Partner Transformation Winner: HPE Partner Ready Program

Key Actions: Introduction of the GreenLake Flex Capacity for Partners Program

  • Specifically designed for HPE partners.
  • Service offerings include a range of proven server, storage, and converged/hyperconverged HPE technologies.
  • Customer benefits of on-premises plus advantages of pay-as-you-go enhance positioning versus public cloud.
  • Partners retain the customer relationship and deals are on their "paper."
  • Unique flexible consumption/billing model plus accelerated rebates reshapes partner economics.
  • Standard, packaged reference architectures with indicative pricing.
  • Supported by a range of enablement programs and services for tech and sales teams.

Channel Acceleration Impact: It’s All about Creating Economic Value for Partners

  • Model aligns well with the way customers want to buy todayflexible, outcome-based IT consumption takes away objections.
  • Easily understood packaged pricing builds pipeline and shortens sales cycles.
  • Innovative financial components combine to reduce partner risk:
    • Program goes well beyond just a leasing/financing arrangement.
    • Immediate cash flow covers commissions and cost of sales. ESG research has shown this to be the number one partner obstacle to transforming to a MRR model.
    • Annuity feature then creates an ongoing, recurring revenue stream, smoothing capital and financing cycles.
  • An effective program for resellers, partners who provide managed services, and those who operate in a mixed model. In all cases, the pay-per-use model helps them by aligning cash flows.

In sum, HPE Partners now can provide their clients a valuable, hybrid infrastructure option to compete cost-wise with public cloud options. GreenLake Flex Capacity for Partners makes the economics work for partner transformation, positively impacting account and biz dev, cash flow, and annuity streams, as well as long-term customer engagement. This powerful program gives a broad range of traditional and innovative partners a map and bridge to transform to a more valuable MRR-based business.

That wraps it up for the 2018 edition of the ESG Channel Acceleration Awards, where we have recognized winners in cloud services, revenue growth, program evolution, and innovation. We know lots of other dedicated channel pros are out there working hard to earn more than their fair share of time and attention from the best partners. We are looking forward to meeting them as well.

Congratulations to all the ESG Channel Acceleration Award winners! Our awards are subjective, of course, but we truly believe these companies are doing great things for their partners and worth a look as to how and why.

Keep an eye out for our 2019 awards, coming to a channel near you in Q1!

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