The 90s called—they want their PDF files back!

the_nineties.jpegIt’s amazing how prescient the creators of the PDF were. In 1993, they designed a file format that captured physical output in extremely high fidelity. Twenty-five years later, PDF is the gold-standard for content distribution.

And ESG has always delivered technical validations—and much of the rest of our content—as PDF files.

It’s a new millennium, it’s a new day…

Now that we’re well into the 21st century, we eschew print for online. ESG is joining the new millennium by superseding PDF with HTML 5.

While our content will still be available in PDF form, we’re now delivering new technical and economic validations as enhanced HTML, making static content dynamic. The benefits of ESG's dynamic HTML reports include:

  • Readers consume and interact with your content, and get the same experience on any device, from massive 80-inch boardroom displays to minuscule 4-inch smartphones.
  • Relevant information is presented in easy-to-consume formats, including embedded videos.
  • Content is tagged for SEO, leading to more readers finding your content.
  • Interest is captured with direct calls-to-action.

Check out how enhanced HTML brings these recent technical and economic reports to life on any device:

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