The Apex of Announcements at Dell Technologies World  (Video)

Peter-Dell-Tech-WorldLike every other tech vendor, Dell's annual mega-event transitioned from a massive conference center to a massive digital extravaganza. We'll cover it in multiple manners and media over the coming days and weeks....after all Dell has heft in IT and there's a lot to comment upon. 

One announcement that stood out this year was Apex, Dell's project (it was conceptually complete but is to be made manifest in stages) to offer just about everything it provides as-a-service. Of course Dell is not the first to embark on this kind of thing, but when any market heavyweight embraces something as significant as this it is noteworthy...not just because it's intrinsically interesting but because it adds to a developing critical mass that has the ability to change things for users just as much as vendors. 

In this video, I am joined by my colleagues Mark Bowker and Scott Sinclair to discuss what Apex is and what the growing aaS shift means to/for Dell and the IT market. 

Topics: Storage Enterprise Mobility