The Big "Big Data" Data Event

Black Friday has come and gone, and undoubtably generated many metric tons of data on consumer shopping behavior for eager marketeers to analyze. Here at ESG, we have our own special event in store for you. The first annual Big "Big Data" Data Event is kicking off and we'd like your input. We plan to survey several hundred technology and business decision makers on their data strategies, spending priorities, expected outcomes, and real world results.

The question is "what is your question?" What would you like to know about the world of big data, business intelligence, analytics, and the like? What quantitative or qualitative data would help you in your own business?

This is your opportunity to shape the survey, so act fast and let us know what you want to know!

Feel free to nominate a question with a comment here on the blog, tweet me a tweet, or proposition me via e-mail.

(Offer expires December 9th, 2013. Not valid to residents of Stevens Point, WI. No cash value. The only prize is having your curiosity satisfied, which may actually be worth more than cash. We reserve the right to use anything you may submit in any way we like, but hope you will be happy with the output. Enter as often as you like.)

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI