The Delta-V Awards: Engineered Systems for Analytics

engineered systemsESG's Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Here are the ones to applaud for their success in the category of Engineered Systems. You may be thinking, "wait, the whole point of big data is to go with commodity kit, not a big vendor appliance." You may also be wrong.

To learn a little more about the awards, take a look at this overview.

Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) — Okay, for the purist, Hadoop is generally considered as open source software on commodity hardware. This ain't that. This is the top-shelf approach, with as much memory, Intel Xeon processors, storage, and Infiniband networking as you can fit into an 18-node rack. Skip all the effort, uncertainty, and delay of systems integration and tuning, and instead just forklift in all the horsepower you might need. Need more? Add more. With Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub pre-installed and mission-critical enterprise support bundled in, you're ready to rock out your Hadoop. 

Teradata Appliance for Hadoop — See above, except have a little more choice. Pick your flavor of Hadoop: Cloudera or Hortonworks. Pick how many processor cores you want. Pick how much memory you want. Pick your storage capacity. Then balance speed vs. capacity vs. costs. Teradata will build to your specs. Accessorize with QueryGrid to link up your SQL with Teradata data warehouse or Aster databases. Use the Connector for Hadoop to move data around. Give Presto a chance. Enjoy a fast time-to-value, and get a solid TCO with enterprise support thrown in. Bonus: check out the Unified Data Architecture.

Our research shows a significant part of the market likes Hadoop appliances. Maybe that's the same folks that are comfortable already with big appliances for data warehouses. Why change? If your major use case is going to be complementing, offloading, or even decommissioning a data warehouse appliance, these systems seem like a natural progression from that model. Or go full on commodity, if you prefer. But the biggest surprise is the economics: don't try to build these systems at home, kids, you'll end up spending way more for way less.

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