The Digital Workspace Alliance

GettyImages-678074927Digital workspaces, a term adopted by internal IT organizations to describe projects, are often shaped and defined based on what a technology vendor can map to from a technology or solution perspective. I am a proponent of digital workspaces and was pleased to see multiple companies come together in an effort to put consistency behind digital workspaces. Full details on the Alliance can be seen here: Ten Tech Leaders Form the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance to Help Organizations Navigate Remote & Hybrid Work Solutions

The initial participants of the Alliance include Cameyo, appCURE, deviceTRUST,, Fortinium, IGEL, Login VSI, PolicyPak, Tehama, and Tricerat.

We have observed multiple factors that accelerate digital workspace investments, including:

  • The technology works.
  • Antiquated executive philosophies.
  • Legacy tools and processes.
  • Heightened security risks.
In fact, ESG research recently validated that acceleration of digital workspaces is already happening as:
  • 77% of organizations consider hosted desktops a long-term strategy to support employees regardless of their location.
  • Nearly half (46%) of organizations expect the majority of their desktop environment to be comprised of hosted desktops.
  • 58% of organizations believe that hosted desktops are the most secure as compared to traditional desktop models.

The beauty of this Alliance is that it spotlights the various solutions and the value they create as part of a digital workspace. The Alliance members also challenge the status quo of traditional desktop delivery and why businesses should have a digital workspace strategy. 

Stay tuned right here as I speak with the Alliance members in an upcoming vlog series to understand the value they deliver as part of a digital workspace.

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