The Great In-Memory Database Debate

Recently the Hive hosted a panel discussion on the pros and cons of various approaches to in-memory databases. Yours truly served as moderator/referee as Oracle, MemSQL, IBM, Aerospike, and Pivotal sent their biggest brains. Check out who was on our eminent panel here. 

Each was able to represent his thoughts on a wide range of questions, including:

  1. What are the advantages of an IMDB? Is it just speed or anything else?
  2. What applications are best suited or most common for IMDBs? What aren’t?
  3. Why now? Is it just cost of memory or some other factors?
  4. ACID compliance is important for a reason—what about durability for IMDBs?
  5. Are the boundaries between memory and storage blurring?
  6. How does cloud change things again in terms of resource provisioning?
  7. What is the biggest advantage of your particular approach? Where doesn't it work well?

Some of the more humorous quotes of the evening:

  • "Anyone come here thinking IMDB was a way a to look up what actors were in an old movie?"
  • "See the Mayweather Pacquiao fight? Well that ring had only two people to referee, I have five."
  • "Anyone here looking to build a 50 gig database?" "Ok, then."
  • "Our platform supports every workload..." "Get out! Out!"
  • "I know there are still more questions, but I can say with confidence that these vendors would be happy to talk with you more at any time."


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