The Impact of Hybrid Cloud Models on the Online File Sharing Market

ESG’s research has shown that online file sharing (OFS) adoption is rising rapidly. However, many organizations are reluctant to trust their files to an OFS provider’s platform because of security concerns. One possible solution to these security concerns is a hybrid cloud model of OFS. In the hybrid cloud model, some of the organization’s files are stored in the OFS provider’s environment, while others remain within the organization’s own premises.

Are the hybrid cloud benefits compelling enough to drive more organizations to extend their storage with an OFS provider? To find out, ESG asked respondents if having the option to implement a hybrid cloud model was important to their organization when evaluating and selecting an OFS provider, and then aligned their responses with their organizations’ current attitude toward OFS.

The result? Generally, the availability of a hybrid cloud model will do little to sway OFS hold-outs. However, 40% of respondents from organizations that already use OFS said that the availability of a hybrid cloud model would cause their organization to accelerate its OFS usage.

ESG suggests that providers of hybrid cloud-based online file sharing services have more work to do to educate decision makers on this implementation option. See ESG’s recently published research brief, Customer Interest in the Hybrid Cloud Model of Online File Sharing, for more details.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration