The intelligent Management Aggregation Network iMAN/ Network Packet Broker NPB Space Continues to Heat Up

In the last month, two companies in the traffic visibility network/intelligent management aggregation network/network packet broker area (depending on what you call it) consisting of Anue, APCON, Gigamon, NetOptics, and VSS Monitoring - were acquired. During Ihe interop show in May, Anue was acquired by Ixia and just last week VSS monitoring was acquired by Danaher. Ixia is in the test and measurement space and Danaher will place VSS monitoring in its test and measurement companies group that includes Arbor Networks, Fluke, and Tektronix. These acquisitions didn’t come as a surprise as ESG published a research brief back in February on this segment and indicated this area was heating up--and speculated that there would be activity in this space. Why did we think that? Basically, it is because these companies are in the right place, at the right time, and with the right technology.

As enterprises continue to consolidate data centers, increase their use of server virtualization and deploy more web-oriented or service-oriented applications, the network must rapidly expand and scale to meet those needs. However, the ability to effectively manage and secure these environments has become more difficult and complex. Especially when building out multi-tenant environments. The companies in this space offer solutions for both service providers and enterprises to regain control by efficiently collecting data from the entire network, and then intelligently aggregating, filtering, and distributing the appropriate information to the designated performance, management, and security solutions. By leveraging these traffic visibility network/intelligent management aggregation network/network packet broker solutions, organizations can optimize SPAN ports and TAPs as well as extend the useful life of existing management/security tools for the rapidly growing 10 Gb network space. For additional information, please read the ESG research brief: Will Intelligent Management Aggregation Networks Become Mainstream (subscription required).

With two acquisitions announced, that leaves APCON, Gigamon, and NetOptics as the remaining independents in this rapidly growing space, so it should be an interesting summer for these companies as this space continues to heat up.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking