The Need for Speed and Automation: Enterprise Storage in 2018 (Video)

Sinclair_Storage_Predictions.jpgRecently, I was able to get some time in front of a camera to discuss my predictions for enterprise storage in 2018. The video is below, but let me provide a brief spoiler with two of the top highlights.

  • Flash continues its dominance with the rise of NVMe: I will talk more about NVMe as the year goes on, but in a nutshell NVMe unlocks the true potential of flash, and that potential is far more than just high performance.
  • Data storage is hard: I am being overly simplistic here on purpose. This is not new, but here is the thing, all those technologies you are reading about, such as hyperconverged and cloud, all attempt to do the same thing: make storage management someone else’s problem. We have reached the point where manual storage management is too costly, and in 2018 automated infrastructure becomes king.

Check out my video here:

If you want some more detail on my thoughts check out my earlier blog on the topic here.

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