The Newest Member of the ESG Lab Analyst Team

Greetings Blogosphere,

I’m Evan Marcus, the latest addition to ESG’s Lab Analyst team.
Although I am new to ESG, I am certainly not new to the industry. I have worked for a variety of tech companies over the years, including Veritas Software, Sun Microsystems, Riverbed, and VMware from here in the Metro New York area. I have written and co-written several technical books over the years; the one I am proudest of is Blueprints for High Availability, which I co-wrote with my friend Hal Stern back in 2003. Although the details are a little dated (for example, there’s no mention of virtual machines), the concepts are still valid, the book is insightful, and we believe it is a genuinely enjoyable read, especially for a technical book. I am excited to bring my wide-ranging experience in technology, writing, and speaking to ESG, and I look forward to producing a variety of papers and reports.Picture1.png

I have already published my first ESG paper, and I encourage you to take a look.  It’s a First Look at the new HP Chromebook G1 13, a really cool portable device that could be used to replace traditional laptops in many business settings. Please give it a look. I’ve also been collaborating with several members of the Lab Team on other work, which will be published soon.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned over the years in new ways and to share it with a new audience. If you have any comments or thoughts about what I’ve written, please let me know.

Topics: Data Protection ESG Validation Services