The Rise of No Code Development (Video)

For anyone who is following the world of enterprise application development, we are seeing more and more traction with the concept of no code development. No code development is the ability for line of business end-users to rapidly develop powerful applications with little to no actual code, through pre-built components and a visual interface. No code development is often supported by an underlying platform that provides the key components and features that can be repeatedly used in the applications.

The issues that are facing IT departments today are how to handle the rise of no code development and what role does it play in relation to the existing traditional and agile development processes that are more centrally managed.

In this video, I discuss the challenges that IT faces when managing and supporting no code development. Is this really a new concept or are there parallels we can learn from the past? How should IT departments respond to no code development within their own organizations? And most important, we discuss why IT departments need to be supportive and help adopt no code development, which can be beneficial not only for business end-users but for IT itself.

If you have ideas or thoughts about the role of no code development in enterprise application environments, leave a comment below.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration