The Social Enterprise

In the forthcoming ESG 2012 IT Spending Intentions Survey, which I was recently able to preview, one of the areas that stood out was the social enterprise spending. For the third year in a row, IT professionals have expressed plans to spend a significant part of their budgets on process improvement, collaboration, and social networking technology. The latter two were showing increases in spending for the third year in a row. Clearly, business is embracing the social enterprise.

This is not that surprising. Business has always been about relationships and the social enterprise enables connections between people. These new tools lower barriers within organizations and beyond to customers, suppliers, and others that influence how a business performs. The ultimate goal is better decision-making and higher productivity.

There is, unfortunately, a lot of confusion as to what the social enterprise is and what technology is important to building a productive social enterprise. This is why ESG has decided to begin looking at the Social Enterprise and will soon initiate coverage of this segment of the industry. As we have always done, our goal is to bring clarity and unique insights to those trying to make sense of this fast-moving part of our industry.

I'm very happy to be a part of this effort. It is an exciting space that has the potential to fundamentally change the way we conduct business and do our jobs. The transformative power of social enterprise has the potential to change how people work the way social networking is changing our personal lives. ESG will bring its own combination of data and expert opinion to help our clients navigate this new space.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility