The State of Data and Digital Business - Conversation with Jeff Fochtman of Seagate (Video)

Sinclair-Fochtman-SeagateModern businesses are built on data. This statement should not be confused with the idea that data has long been a necessary byproduct of business activities, something that must be stored and protected. Rather, for today’s businesses, the effective usage of data is fuel that generates revenue, unlocks new opportunities, and creates operational efficiencies.

As the connection between the effective usage of data and business success grows stronger, our reliance on storage and data infrastructure increases. As a result, the technologies leveraged to store, protect, and move data grow in size and scale while becoming more diverse and more distributed. Data is everywhere. And, few people are in a better position to understand and then articulate the state of data in today’s business world than my guest in this conversation, Jeff Fochtman, Senior Vice President of Business and Marketing, Seagate.

As the bulk of the world’s data, whether in data centers or on the public cloud, runs on hard drive technology, Seagate and Jeff enjoy an incredibly valuable perspective on the current state of data and where it is headed in the future. I hope you enjoy our conversation as Jeff and I discuss current digital trends, and what new innovations will define the next three to five years of our industry.

Topics: Storage