The VMware EUC Team’s Execution Machine Continues to Roll

Mobility_Desktop.jpgIt is a busy time of year for IT vendor announcements, and the VMware EUC team is actively demonstrating its path to growth with multiple announcements. Before dipping into the specifics, it is important to put a few items in perspective:

  • The EUC business unit is one of the top, if not the top, primary growth areas for VMware.
  • Now that the dust has settled with the Dell EMC acquisition, the execution machine has started to roll down the tracks.
  • Digital workspace transformation is a major component of IT transformation (core to Dell EMC strategy) and an area the EUC team is ready to strike with relentless go-to-market and sales execution.

With these points in mind, it is also essential to understand that VMware’s EUC strategy is Workspace ONE, and the investments and acquisitions the company makes are focused on enhancing the platform. Each of the announcements (see below) helps to contribute to the overall value for its customers, with the goal of landing them on the Workspace ONE platform. Without getting too deep (you can read the press releases for more info), the recent announcements include:

  • Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. The announcement doesn’t mention it, but I suspect this was driven by customer demand and the success Azure is having in general. Kudos to VMware for listening to the customer.
  • Acquisition of Apteligent. This acquisition is ideal given the importance of visibility into applications across devices and consumption models. Not only has capturing insights become an important IT priority, it is also a significant priority of business executives given the impact that modern applications are having on business processes.
  • Integration with Dell EMC. No surprise here. It was just a matter of time before they fired up this integration.
  • Google Chromebooks. When Chromebooks pop inside businesses (and I expect they will in a big way), the relationship with Google will prove to be extremely valuable. Also, keep in mind that there is some ex-VMware DNA (Dianne Green) at Google that could (and I believe should) move this opportunity up the priority list.

While these announcements all have unique value-add for VMware, they also possess a common thread –having a leading enterprise IT sales execution team behind them. And it is this team--with roots in the enterprise, competitive DNA, top notch compensation model for its sales teams, well-oiled technology alliances teams, and revenue producing go-to-market programs with channel partners--that set VMware apart  from the rest of the market, and contribute to the company’s success and potential market growth for VMware EUC.


Topics: Enterprise Mobility