Thoughts from Google Next 2018

GoogleNext2I was at Google Next last week in San Francisco and had the opportunity to attend a few sessions and meet with industry friends and some interesting companies. The event was packed like a major airport in a storm on the day before Thanksgiving! 

It was very clear that more than ever, Google has its sights on the enterprise market. It could be seen from many different perspectives, with its many offerings like the Chromebook enterprise product lines from multiple vendors, to sessions focused on AI in the Google cloud, cloud security, and many other topics.

GoogleNext1One very interesting session was the one on compliance and GDPR. The session was packed and covered very compelling compliance content by a great presenter, Marc Crandall, who is the Director of Data Protection and Compliance for Google Cloud. Google has built a platform that can be leveraged by enterprises to support their compliance efforts, including GDPR. I expect that this will become an interesting way for them to differentiate in the market.

I also had the opportunity to attend my colleague Mike Leone’s session on the long term economic impact of moving data analytics to the cloud. 

This was a great session not only because my esteemed colleague presented a detailed economic analysis, but also because it included a variety of perspectives from Google’s Sap Mukherjee, and Sam King from Nuna Health. Another example of Google’s growing maturity through its support for enterprise-class analytics.

Many interesting companies were at the show and I had the opportunity to engage in many interesting conversations with CloudLanes, Spanning, Igneous, Cloud Endure, Rubrik, and multiple Google industry solutions specialists, to name a few.

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