Thoughts from VMworld, Day Two

Cloud_DiscussionDay Two of VMworld is in the books, and here's what our team of analysts have to say:

Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst

NSX 6.2 delivers key capabilities (e.g. spanning vCenter servers) to move micro-segmentation from dev and test to prodution, but also further complicates securing a hybrid world comprised of disparate infrastructures. Solutions which unify security policies across all things software-defined from public to private to micro-segmented are essential in making the hybrid world enterprise ready. Vendors such as Tufin, Catbird, and algosec offer solutions for consistent application-centric security policies from on-premises to public to virtualized. Right after visibility, such consistency is a must for securing the hybrid enterprise.

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst

Historically, Airwatch and VMware EUC messaging and strategy was maintained separately. VMware significantly evolved its EUC and mobility corporate level narrative to include both EUC solutions with Airwatch at VMworld 2015. The company also made a conscious effort to highlight the value of the entire VMware platform with workspace delivery highlighting: core virtualization, SDDC, NSX and hybrid cloud orchestration and management. 

Terri McClure, Senior Analyst

Today was end user computing day - I've been looking forward to this. Notable was the progress on integrating Airwatch across the EUC portfolio. In combination with NSX and Horizon, users have a stack that provides pretty granular policy-based management at the user, device and content level. 

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