Three Facts About Multi-Cloud That Will Surprise You

Yuen_MulticloudAs I've often written, multi-cloud is probably the hottest term in the IT industry today. You literally cannot buy a product that connects to the cloud that isn't multi-cloud (unless it's from the rare company that aligns with only one cloud service provider). But one of the most interesting things is that there has been very little research on what defines multi-cloud, how extensive it is, why organizations are multi-cloud, and how it will change.

ESG recently completed a detailed research study on multi-cloud, its use, and future. For our ESG subscribers, I've written a couple of research briefs with the results but I've also created this video on three key aspects of multi-cloud that will surprise most people.

  1. Learn just how extensive multi-cloud use is right now and why the multi-cloud world is the standard today, not a future state.
  2. Learn why companies are now multi-cloud. Is it by accident? Was it a result of consolidation, shadow IT, or acquisitions? Or is IT making an active choice of cloud providers and if so, what is driving it?
  3. What is the future for multi-cloud? Will the public cloud market consolidate down to AWS and maybe one or two other providers? Will it stay the same as we see now or will the number of cloud providers proliferate?

Watch the video below to get some hard data on these aspects of multi-cloud and read my research briefs for even more information on how multi-cloud can impact your organization.

Read the ESG Brief, The Current State of Multi-cloud Strategies.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration