Time for an EMC Update - Includes Video

Recently EMC held an event for analysts; while a lot of what is covered in such events is designed to prepare us and not yet to be shared, there are nonetheless thematic notes that can be mentioned. The video report included in this blog includes my 50,000 foot commentary; I also took the opportunity to conduct some brief update/highlight-type interviews with EMC execs that cover the main storage elements – VNX, Isilon, Enterprise, and the ‘newer stuff’ (in this case ScaleIO).

Of course the conference covered more than just the main storage elements. As such, it represented the broader EMC, and its understanding that we live in an IT world that is increasingly integrated and interoperable; there are no surprises in that statement of course, but the extent to which the uber-EMC plans to embrace such change was refreshing and notable. Apparently King Canute does NOT live in Hopkinton, MA!

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure