Top Trend Predictions for Big Data in 2015 (Part II)

Welcome back. If you missed Part I of the predictions, due to holidays and champagne, well, just clicky here.  Else, read on to hear more about what is 100% guaranteed to happen in the world of big data this year.

4. More consolidation of vendors. What’s growing faster than your data lake? The number of companies competing to be your preferred technology provider. At last count, I had about 250 on my list of vendors for the big data and analytics space. I’m sure another 25 startups have been founded and funded over the holiday weekend. While this cornucopia should be applauded, it’s also unsustainable. We will see a few breakouts gain critical mass and financial windfalls, like the triad of Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR last year. But we shall also see many promising technologies and teams sell to bigger groups with the money and the gaps to fill. I’d expect those playing in critical niches to find ready buyers. Some companies such as Paxata, Trifacta, Dataguise, and Birst seem like they might gain the reach they truly deserve a bit faster by being tied into a larger story.

5. More “end-to-end” solutions. This is the other side of the above coin. While building a complete big data environment is an extremely complex undertaking, more vendors are looking to be the “one stop shop” for analytics and data management. It’s simply unsustainable for customers to buy component technologies from 15 different organizations just to have a workable architecture. A few of the dominant players are amassing the portfolios, and hopefully doing proper integrations, including Oracle, Microsoft, HP, and IBM. Yet, smaller companies are also looking to provide breadth, not just depth, with the likes of Platfora, RapidMiner, and DataTorrent offering versatile platforms.

6. More 3rd party experts. I’ve been holding my breath waiting for the big IT consultancies to finally get in the game, don’t try this at home, kids. Given the complexity of solutions, the need for assembling all kinds of hardware and software, and the desire to embed analytics in business processes, well, you’d expect every service provider and system integrator to be full throttle on big data. Yet most customers I speak with tell me they can’t find anyone competent to give them solid advice or a workable blueprint. This has got to change. There is money begging to be spent, someone will finally get the expertise, skills, and knowledge compiled into a repeatable and (profitable!!) practice.

Ok, I can see you’re somewhere halfway between recovery from New Year’s Eve and your 2015 kick-offs. Enough for today, but more to come….


Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI