Top Trend Predictions for Big Data in 2015 (Part III)

One always feels a bit meta- when discussing analyst predictions about predictive analytics. This is part 3 in my continuing series of posts on what’s coming in 2015 for big data. If you missed the earlier ones, don’t worry, they are preserved for posterity here and here

7. More vertical and line of business applications. While so many big data technologies today are positioning themselves as generic intelligent data platforms, the really interesting parts are likely to be the more specialized use cases. “One size fits all” is a fine concept, unless it means extensive tailoring is required to make it actually fit. An increasing number of companies are bucking this default and instead building applications or tools that address more specific markets or tasks. The Hive takes this as an investment thesis, while vendors like Peaxy, Tidemark, and New Relic have each defined a focus that will take them deeper in their respective markets.

8. More penetration into the SMB space. While big companies obviously have big resources to throw at big data initiatives, every organization can benefit from a better understanding of their operations and opportunities. Technology vendors love to sell to the Fortune 100 and brag with their enterprise clients’ logos displayed like trophies, yet a huge portion of the market is still underserved. Dell has declared their intent to make it easier for the littler guys and gals to get into the data science game. The cloud players previously mentioned in Part I are also on-ramps for any size customer, with groups like Cloud Foundry (and Pivotal) making it easier to license, access, build, and scale the right environments applications.

9. Governance and privacy. Sexy, right? Who doesn’t think their data steward was the hottest dish at the company holiday party? Yet, with security off the charts in importance, the mess of data integration, and the challenge of migration, issues around governance and data management will gain prominence. Titans like Informatica, HP, and IBM are blending their big data and enterprise security solutions to hit the risk challenge head on, while smaller players like Talend and Syncsort are working on subsets like integration. The widespread use of big data is currently outpacing the governance and wisdom, and you will no doubt see more scandals around the failings. Can we say “negligence,” class? Good, I knew you could. 

As for number 10 on the ESG big data and analytics predictions list… Well, my research calendar has more than a few likely candidates. Let me know if you’re interested in a private briefing on upcoming topics.

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