ESG Recap of Oracle OpenWorld 2014

This year’s Oracle OpenWorld has reflected some interesting bets on the future of databases, cloud, big data, and analytics, along with many other macro-trends like social, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Oracle is doubling down on positioning itself as a cloud leader with emphasis on “pluggable” databases that can be easily hosted multi-tenant on-premises or migrated to a public cloud with a single command line. Database-as-a-service or DBaaS is clearly a priority and it’s being complemented by more cloud-oriented middleware and many new SaaS offerings.

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

I shall be expanding on this theme--the internet of things (IoT) over the next few years, as I find it to be the most interesting thing to happen not only in tech, but potentially in modern society, ever.

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VMworld 2014 - ESG's Event Video Insights

VMworld was, as ever, massive - and remains one of the foundational IT events of the season. As is our wont, the attending ESG analyst team videoed its key, immediate insights live at the event. In the video blog that follows, I am joined by my colleagues Jason Buffington, Mark Bowker, Kevin Rhone and Scott Sinclair. In just six minutes you can get a broad yet succinct summary of some key takeaways from - and thoughts about - this year's event. VMW '14 was notable for the tone of the keynotes as much as the technology news, and for posing questions as much as providing answers...making it an intriguing installment of this ongoing series. Enjoy the video....

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EMC RecoverPoint for VMs is Another Step Forward in vAdmin Enablement

This week, EMC released RecoverPoint for VMs (RP4VM). For storage administrators, RecoverPoint has long been seen as the seamless synchronous/asynchronous storage replication of choice for EMC storage, to deliver higher levels of resiliency for enterprise workloads. But for virtualization administrators, it was part of the “magic” that made the storage under the hypervisor surprisingly durable – or perhaps not even recognized at all.

With the RP4VM release, enterprise-grade storage replication is now in the hands of the VMware Administrator (vAdmin). RP4VM is made up of three core components:

  • A virtual appliance for replicating to another appliance on a different host
  • An I/O splitter that captures disk I/O from the hypervisor, and weans a copy for the appliance
  • A vCenter plug-in for management
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What I Am Looking for at VMworld 2014 … a Data Protection Perspective

For the past few years, the big data protection trend in virtual environments was simply to ensure reliable backups (and restores) of VMs. That alone hasn’t always been easy, but with the newer Data Protection APIs from VMware (VADP), that is becoming table-stakes – and the real differentiation coming from the agility to restore (speed and granularity), as well as manageability and integration.

And while there is certainly still a lot of room for many vendors to improve in those areas, the industry overall needs to move past the original question of “Can I back up your VM?” and even past “How quick can I restore your VM?

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Holistic IT Platforms Driving IT Transformation

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that enterprises are transforming their IT environments to better support the business. Consolidated datacenters, virtualization technologies, cloud adoption, and mobile computing are on the rise and fueling the shift. Core to this transformational process is ensuring that all business applications are highly available, optimized for performance, and accessible to anyone from anywhere.

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Citrix Synergy 2014

It’s hard to attend a Citrix event and not walk away impressed by the quality of Citrix's employees, their attentiveness to customers, and the company's solid alignment of technology with current and planned market requirements. Citrix is in an interesting situation. The company seems to maintain a VERY strong association with a long history of its ability to deliver applications (think back to the days of Citrix Presentation Server) and is not receiving full credit for everything they can deliver to customers today. The market also seems to forget or neglect the fact that Citrix has been in business for 25 years and has enormous experience solving some of the toughest application delivery challenges companies have faced. Citrix has also made some solid acquisitions in these years to fill in technology gaps and capture new markets to align with corporate IT needs.

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Fusion-io's VDI Reference Architecture Promises to Change the VDI Game

Virtual desktop environments can present one of the most challenging workloads an infrastructure must deal with. Random, shifting I/O and bottlenecks in the storage domain will have a significant impact on performance. Delivering an exceptional user experience is essential to the success of desktop virtualization deployments because users are becoming conditioned to the performance of flash drives in their business and personal computers. Users demand performance equal to or better than what they already have.

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IT Buying Process Set to Change

I recently posted an article in Network Computing. Based on ESG research, it covers some likely (already emerging and nascent) changes in the way that IT buying decisions get made and purchasing gets done. The underlying reasons are both technological and generational. It has generated a considerable amount of comment (especially direct to me as well as via online/social response) and so I presume that what it discusses has hit a nerve. Change usually does.

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Infinio -- Less Clutter, More Productivity -- Lessons from a Performance-acceleration Software Startup

I had an interesting visit with the folks at performance-acceleration software startup Infinio a few days ago. The visit served a couple of useful purposes - first, nearly two hours of driving to get there reminded me of why I am glad that I do not have a big daily commute (not to mention that I should look on a map and plan my hotels accordingly!); second, and perhaps of more interest to you, was the way that Infinio reminded me of some focused and uncluttered basics that really matter for startups in this business, but that don't always get a lot of attention in between the funding rounds, engineering meetings, and trade shows.

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