Vaccines: Data's Fight Against COVID-19

I’ve talked through a couple ways that data is helping fight COVID-19, from detecting and tracking an outbreak, to detecting within people. In this blog, I’ll be focused on research and elimination. While the world sets its sights on a hopeful slowdown similar to what is experienced with a seasonal flu, a true vaccination or cure is the ultimate goal. With more and more researchers throwing their collective hats in the ring, data sharing and collaboration is becoming key. What new information is available on the virus makeup? How is it evolving/mutating? Where are we making progress on vaccination development? What approaches have a higher likelihood of success? How can progress be shared across the globe to spur new ideas or rapid insight? All of these questions tie back to data, and using data science and AI to help answer them is rapidly becoming a go-to approach.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Management: Now More Than Ever

I heard some alarming new statistics from IBM security this week. With COVID-19 as a backdrop, cyber-attacks are up 14,000% led by a spike in ransomware. IBM also revealed a 6000% increase in spam, as hackers social-engineer nervous users with fictitious coronavirus news and miracle cures. Other firms like DomainTools, FireEye, and Palo Alto Networks have reported similar data. Yikes!

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Detection: Data’s Fight Against COVID-19

My first blog in this series focused on using data, AI, and visualization to help detect and track the continued outbreak of COVID-19. The next topic in this blog series is focused on a different form of detection: detecting the virus in people. And it starts with understanding symptoms and ends with techniques to identify infected individuals at scale, which eventually helps shape individual treatment plans and resource allocation based on established virus hotspots.

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Outbreak: Data's Fight Against COVID-19

While the world continues its fight against COVID-19, data is becoming one of the most prominent weapons for humans. Whether tracking an outbreak, detecting the virus on a case by case basis, preventing further spread, or eventually eliminating the virus altogether, data is fueling decision making from governing bodies to personal households. As we evolve to deal with the difficult norms of what today brings, the technology community is rising to answer a desperate call to arms. The value of trusted data has never been higher as actions are being taken based purely on statistical models and predictions. The need for collaboration on a global scale is paramount. Being able to rapidly respond to new information is now a matter of life or death. Over the next few weeks I’ll be revisiting and highlighting some of the ways data is being used in the ongoing fight against this historical and scary virus.

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Cooking and Work at Home Video with Matt Baker, SVP, Dell EMC Strategy and Planning

Matt and I have been sharing stories and formulating IT strategies for years. We recently had a chance to catch up and share our perspectives on how businesses have adjusted and some potential plans for the future. I always appreciate being able to grab time with Matt and capture his insight into what matters most to businesses.

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Partnering Strategies During the COVID-19 Crisis

Been thinking a lot while hunkered down, about how the partner community must address two critically important issues during and after the coronavirus pandemic changes work, home, and lives: the joint challenges of safely helping their teams, their vendors, and their customers move forward to the new IT and tech world.

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Red Hat Goes Virtual and Opens the Cloud

With the face-to-face interaction still on hold, Red Hat held its virtual experience event. All in all, I was impressed with the execution. There was a technical hiccup here and there, but even live events don’t always go 100% as planned.

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Remote Work Without VPN during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Video with Andrew, CEO at Cameyo

Given the events of COVID-19 and the need to support remote work, I had the chance to catch up with Andrew Miller, CEO at Cameyo about VPN alternatives. I remember deploying VPN 20+ years ago and while the technology was the right fit at the time, I question whether it is the ideal solution for remote work today. Listen to what Andrew and I have to say about VPN solutions and alternative means to help make remote work work.

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Marketing in Challenging Times - in Conversation with Anthony Clarke of VMware (Video)

As we all work through the various impacts of the novel coronavirus – from the depressing and the serious to the merely inconvenient – it's vital that as much industry and business as is safe and possible continues. When thousands are dying, it can seem trite to even consider this, but it is not only important in terms of us having a vibrant post-virus world; IT is an important contributor to sustaining our lives and communications today, and also a vital element to finding ways to overcome the virus.

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Continuous Automated Penetration and Attack Testing (CAPAT) for COVID-19 Cyber-risk Mitigation

About a month ago, I wrote a blog about how COVID-19 was driving rapid and dynamic changes for CISOs. I followed this up with a second blog, detailing a number of subsequent cybersecurity phases CISOs are now pursuing to assess and mitigate COVID-19-based cyber risks.  

Both blogs describe some fundamental problems. Corporate cybersecurity now extends to home networks filled with insecure IP devices with little or no security protection whatsoever. Meanwhile, hackers are exploiting societal malaise with online scams, rogue websites, and phishing campaigns preying upon COVID-19 paranoia. A recent article in the Washington Post described research from Palo Alto Networks identifying more than 2,000 malicious COVID-19 web domains and another 40,000 it classifies as “high risk.”

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