10 Security Changes Post-COVID-19

Back in March, I heard from several CISOs about how COVID-19 was disrupting their cybersecurity programs and changing their priorities. A few weeks later, I connected with some CISO friends, and got an update on phase 2 of their pandemic journeys.

While no one knows when the coronavirus impact will end, we are getting a good perspective on what the new normal will look like. Here are ten changes I anticipate (in no particular order):

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VDI is Finally Here Video with John Kelly, SVP, Dell Technologies Product Manager, Data Centric Workloads and Solutions

John shares some great perspective on VDI solutions and how remote work has inspired the future of work. We also discuss the pros and cons of VPN and how VDI helps overcome some of the traditional challenges of VPN. The other topic we hit on is deployment choice and how businesses may choose on-prem or off-prem VDI deployment models.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Channel (Video)

The data protection space relies on a very diverse and complex ecosystem of channel players. How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the channel? I discuss this important topic in a new video with resident expert and lead of ESG's channel practice Kevin Rhone.

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User Productivity Video with Carisa Stringer, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Citrix

It's always a pleasure to speak with Carisa as she shares her enthusiasm for the market and the variety of experiences Citrix customers are working through today. We also touch on the potential importance of user experience monitoring and how it may play into future remote work decisions.

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Transforming How People Work: Video with Vishal Ganeriwala, VP Product Marketing Citrix

Listen to hear how Citrix is helping customers and the unique position that Citrix holds in the market with its ability to deliver a variety of work-from-home solutions. Vishal also shares how important the cloud consumption model has been during these times and some potential maneuvers he sees as customers think through what's next.

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Double Daas? Video with Brad Peterson, VP Marketing, Workspot

Brad shares some great perspective from a customer point of view and what he is seeing with Workspot customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We chat through the varying degrees of success businesses are having, the work at home kit, and the different measures businesses may take to rebound back to a mix of remote work and office work.

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Dispel the Myths of VDI & DaaS Video with Sachin Sharma, Director Product Marketing, VMware

Sachin and I think through how to dispel the executive myth about remote work and the important role of VDI & DaaS. We even make the bold prediction that THIS IS the year of VDI.

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VDI & DaaS Time and Cost Savings Video with Sachin Sharma, Director Product Marketing, VMware

ESG Research recently validated that more than half of current VDI and DaaS users are recognizing both time and cost savings of more than 15% compared to traditional desktop delivery models. Sachin and I talk through why this matters in the current state of the market and how these savings (and security) may factor into long term investments.

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Enabling Remote Work Video with Sachin Sharma, Director, Product Marketing, VMware

Sachin and I reflect on some recent ESG research that captured the historical breakdown of remote workers, the current state of VMware employees and customers and think through how businesses may plan for the future. Sachin also shares some great insight into how VMware has been helping deliver solutions for business continuity and remote work.

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Vaccines: Data's Fight Against COVID-19

I’ve talked through a couple ways that data is helping fight COVID-19, from detecting and tracking an outbreak, to detecting within people. In this blog, I’ll be focused on research and elimination. While the world sets its sights on a hopeful slowdown similar to what is experienced with a seasonal flu, a true vaccination or cure is the ultimate goal. With more and more researchers throwing their collective hats in the ring, data sharing and collaboration is becoming key. What new information is available on the virus makeup? How is it evolving/mutating? Where are we making progress on vaccination development? What approaches have a higher likelihood of success? How can progress be shared across the globe to spur new ideas or rapid insight? All of these questions tie back to data, and using data science and AI to help answer them is rapidly becoming a go-to approach.

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