Discovering Odaseva Data Management-as-a-service: Salesforce Backup, Archive, and GDPR

Salesforce has become pervasive as the cloud-based CRM solution of choice in many enterprises, yet its backup, restoration, archiving, and management of data in general can be complex and expensive. We recently met with a very interesting player in this space: Odaseva. The company offers a Salesforce-only third-party solution that builds on the Salesforce APIs to deliver more predictable and robust SLAs for data-management-as-a-service, including some new capabilities focused on meeting the GDPR challenges.  

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Rubrik Doubles Down on Hybrid Support with Alta 4.2 Release

Rubrik delivers a platform to manage and protect data in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises. Providing a unified user experience for data protection stemming from multiple sources for the enterprise space with an API-first strategy, the company recently released version 4.2 of its Alta management platform, adding key capabilities to further its ability to support hybrid cloud environments.

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What Does GDPR Mean for Data Protection? (Video)

Check out this new video interview I did with Dave Littman from TruthinIT. This week, Dave and I discussed data protection and GDPR. Every week, we will cover a new topic on the Data Protection Channel of ThruthinIT.

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A Quick Look at HYCU, Backup and Recovery for Nutanix Environments

There isn’t a day without a new comment or report from industry observers about the tremendous adoption and growth of hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Recent ESG research indicates that, for end-users, HCI is about efficiency, operational excellence, and cost and that HCI is delivering on its promise to help drive operational excellence. Production workloads are increasingly running on HCIs anchored by Nutanix software. Specifically, our research points to 1 in 3 organizations running at least 30% of their production applications on HCI.

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Real World SLAs Blog Series #3: Downtime and Data Loss Business Impact

In the last blog, we covered the increasing role of cloud in building a resilient IT infrastructure to prevent or negate application downtime or data loss. I would like to place the focus back on the business side of things and share some great research points from our recent Real World SLAs and Availability Requirements Research Master Survey Results set. Spoiler alert:  they are not pretty and should scare you!  

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Druva Acquires CloudRanger

Congrats to the Druva and CloudRanger teams for the acquisition announced on June 5th. With this acquisition, Druva adds native AWS workload data protection and management capabilities to their on-premises solution. ESG's 2018 IT Spending Intentions Research Report indicates that 46% of the organizations we surveyed use cloud infrastructure to run business applications. Clearly, the ability to protect these workloads has become very important to IT, and Druva is one of the vendors positioning themselves to take advantage of this trend. Native/aaS/In-cloud data protection is a space that ESG is watching closely – stay tuned!

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Real World SLAs Blog Series #2: The IT Resiliency Equation

In the last blog, I discussed how ESG’s research has identified that the vast majority of organizations have little to no tolerance for downtime. As they are looking to improve SLAs, many technology questions or tradeoffs will naturally come up. What technologies are you using today and what do you need to consider moving forward to meet the requirements? Should it be a software, or cloud-based, or a hardware-based solution that gets you there as an end-user?

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GDPR and the Challenges to Achieving Compliance (Video)

The General Data Protection Rule is only a few days away, with many organizations bracing for impact in Europe and around the world. In this video, John McKnight and I discuss GDPR and its consequences. 

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Real World SLAs Blog Series: Downtime and Data Loss Metrics

Since this is my introductory blog, what better topic than downtime and data loss! One can argue it is not the most joyous topic to cover, but it turns out to be more interesting than my bio and a fascinating subject with far-reaching business and IT consequences. ESG recently conducted extensive research in this space with findings that I will be sharing in this blog series. You can also expect a few briefs and a report on this topic as well on our portal.

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Convergence of Technologies: Cloud and Data Protection at Dell Technologies World (Video)

With Dell Technologies World 2018 complete, there were several key takeaways from the event that apply to Dell Technologies overall, cloud platforms, and data protection. First, looking at Dell Technologies overall, what we are finally seeing is the convergence of the key product and technologies groups, coming together to solve real world customer problems. I discuss this in detail in the video at the end of this blog but what we are seeing are the fruits of the new organizational structure. We see this alignment more with technologies that were already aligned, most notably with the pervasive positioning of Pivotal across the cloud technologies, but we also saw the integration of HCI/CI solutions in the cloud platforms and the availability of Virtustream storage as an option across the data protection products. If the integration of technologies continues into 2019, I think customers will only benefit from this work.

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