Dell EMC Partner Summit - Excitement…New Benefits… and a Little Transformation Math!

We came into Dell EMC World Partner Summit expecting a healthy dose of enthusiasm and energy, as personified by Scotsman and President, Global Channels John Byrne and his goal of becoming the #1 Channel company in IT. Well, that was delivered in spades, or should I say kilts, on the opening day of Dell EMC World in Las Vegas, when Partner Summit kicked off with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the most rock-and-rolling bagpipers this side of the Atlantic.

90 Days Later – the New Dell EMC Partner Program is firmly in place

After getting the crowd of about 1,000 top Dell EMC Partners from around the world up on their feet and ready, John first recapped the highlights of the first 90 days of the new, combined Dell EMC Partner Program, brought together under the binding premise of “Simple. Predictable. Profitable” in order to drive growth, profitability, and deeper ongoing customer relationships through the Channel.

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Wrap-Up on Backup – from Dell EMC World 2017

I had pre-blogged before this event about looking for the unified narrative that knits together a breadth of DP products in a more focused way via the newly (re)formed Data Protection Division within the Dell EMC institution.  

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Dell EMC World – ESG’s On Location Video Insights

While Dell EMC was busy in Vegas last week talking about Digital Transformation (of organizations) and the IT Transformation (of, duh, IT) that underpins it, many of us were equally interested to see what had, and is, transformed within Dell EMC itself…..the portfolio, the approach, and people’s attitudes (both employees and customers).

I’ll keep this brief because the video we made at the event is a full 7 minutes – but, knowing that in advance, hopefully you’ll find it a valuable 7 minutes as you’ll get succinct insights from not just me but also four of my colleagues - Jason Buffington (on DP), Scott Sinclair (on storage platforms), Terri McClure (on converged platforms), and Kevin Rhone (for the channel perspective).  

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Feeling Transformed after Dell EMC World 2017

When I wrote about my expectations prior to Dell EMC World 2017, which you can read here, I expected this show to be a bit of an anomaly. With the show happening so soon after the one in Austin, I had lowered expectations on the number of new storage product announcements. I thought I would use the time to better investigate how the merger is progressing. I have not been shy to point out that prior to the merger, these two companies had dramatically different cultures. And I wanted to see if the two companies fit together like oil and water or like yin and yang. What I learned at Dell EMC World left me hopeful not only for the future of its storage portfolio, but the rest of its product offerings as well.

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Dell EMC World - Positive Attitudes (Plus New Latitudes!)

As I prepared to head to the geek-fest that is Dell EMC World I wrote a blog talking about the fact that I was interested to see how the emotional "threads" felt (it's here), at least as much as the "fabric" of the story and products. After all, much of the logic of the two companies becoming one is easy enough to figure—and there's myriad reports of the gradual but multiple portfolio manifestations of the communion (which will indeed be discussed in an ESG On Location summary and insights video that we expect to post in the next few days).

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Dell EMC: IT Transformation Is About Attitude as Well as Aptitude

Since I recently blogged about what I expect to find/check out at Dell EMC World in Vegas, I have had a large number of requests for more explanation about a particular reference I made. While the full blog is here, the section that caused the questions, and thus this extra blog post, was this:

I expect Dell EMC will talk a lot about a hybrid world (everyone does these days, or else they are trying to defy gravity) but will do so from the perspective of “transformation”…this is borne of logic but also from knowing (a) that ESG just completed work with Dell EMC on just this topic—how to measure, evaluate, drive, and achieve “IT Transformation Maturity”—and (b) the fact that Digital/IT Transformation is all over the event website.

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The Ultimate in Convergence: Looking Ahead to Dell EMC World

The changes I've witnessed at EMC over the years, first as a competitor, then as an employee, and now as an analyst, have been profound. I put 11 years of my heart and soul into the company, joining when there were less than 4,000 employees and leaving when there were tens of thousands. And even though I'd been gone for about 8 years when Dell acquired EMC, and even though the joining of these two behemoths makes tremendous sense from a business standpoint, it was still somewhat bittersweet to see it happen. But it had to happen. The competitive environment demanded it. Convergence is the way of the future. Dell's server business and EMC's storage business pair beautifully--add VMware in the mix and and you have all the infrastructure pieces to put together a next-gen, software-defined data center. There may be some weak spots, but the overall portfolio is tough to beat. 

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What the Dell will we all EMC in Vegas?

 In early May, we will have the first Dell EMC World. What expectations do I have; and what will I be looking out for?

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Looking Forward to Backing Up -- at Dell EMC World 2017

The Dell acquisition of EMC is complete.  Most of the leadership shifts and organizational realignments have happened.  The previously Dell Software data protection solution components have moved on under the Quest banner. In short, now that the dust has settled, Dell EMC’s data protection story is ready to move forward.

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Expectations for Dell EMC World 2017: Is it One Company or Two?

Dell EMC World 2017, or DEW -- which I honestly hope does not catch on as the acronym/nickname -- is just around the corner. To prepare, I wanted to pull together a short summary of my expectations for the event.

With this event taking place only a few months after the 2016 event in Austin, it is difficult to have high expectations in terms of new technology or a new product introduction. But honestly, I have reached the point with Dell EMC that I expect new technologies to be there when the market needs them. If there isn’t a ton to announce this year due to the short time between this event and the last Dell EMC World, I expect there will be a larger announcement next year. That being said, Dell EMC could certainly surprise me. The combined firm has a wealth of smart engineering talent, so if any company could produce a few new offerings that quickly, it would be Dell EMC.

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