In Conversation with Sam Grocott of Dell at DTW (Video)

At Dell Technologies World, I managed to grab some time, video camera in hand, with Sam Grocott. Sam leads marketing for what we’d all traditionally know as Dell EMC.

I asked him to start by briefly summarizing the key announcements at the show for his group, but what then developed was a discussion shaped by the fact – at least for Dell customers – that terms like “traditional” and “his group” are becoming steadily less pertinent as Dell’s strategic cloud embrace demands that it shifts from offering an enormous portfolio of products from largely independent operating units, to be instead a provider of integrated full-stack solutions. This both drives and reflects the market – and Sam explains how important it will be for Dell and its customers.

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Data Protection Conversation with Dell EMC @ Dell Technologies World

I had the opportunity to catch up with Alex Almeida at Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas in the Data Protection booth to discuss the significant new announcements the company made at the event. Don't miss it!

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Dell Technologies World – Optimism & Happiness? (Includes Video)

Spring brings things you expect – tax day (in the US), storms and showers (in much of the Northern hemisphere), and some variant of Dell/EMC/Dell Technologies World (in whatever Las Vegas is!). But this Spring brought something unexpected too – at Dell Technologies World the discussion for the closing general session panel centered on “optimism and happiness in the digital age.” So there!

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Dell Technologies World: The Plan Comes Together & The Cloud is Just the Beginning

What a week. Now that I have had a day to recover, let’s discuss Dell Technologies World. What happened, what was interesting, and what does this mean for the future?

Now, let’s start by discussing the new product announcements, which were both numerous and impressive. For example:

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Pushing Intelligence and HCI at Dell Technologies World 2019

Going into Dell Technologies World, my greatest expectation was hearing a more unified message between VMware and the rest of the Dell Technologies family, especially Dell EMC. That expectation was absolutely met. Pat Gelsinger and Jeff Clarke on stage together announcing the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform was very well received and I would argue is the most united front between these two organizations that we've heard to date.

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Networking Getting Some Airtime at Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Tech World kicked off in Vegas this week, capturing the attention of 15,000 attendees from over 122 different countries.

The big announcements in the day one keynote were focused on Hybrid Cloud, the Microsoft Azure partnership, and unified workspace, but the underlying theme was clear. Dell Technologies is continuing to embrace its “Better Together” philosophy creating solutions from its family of companies. This is evidenced by its solutions that leverage technology from VMware, Dell EMC, SecureWorks etc., wrapped into a single bundle.

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Dell Technologies Launches New Data Protection Solutions

Dell just announced new data protection solutions at Dell Technologies World 2019. While the event is set in Las Vegas, don't take it as an invitation to gamble with your data!  Our research shows that 57% of organizations state that their tolerance for high-priority application downtime
is less than 15 minutes or 15 minutes to less than one hour. In other words, no time for protection is clearly a great business to be in!

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What's Up with Microsoft and Dell at Dell Technologies World 2019?

Microsoft is ultimately in a race to grow its Azure footprint and remain in pole position on the desktop while it is clearly being battered in both markets. Microsoft needs Dell as a partner. Dell can lean in with its experience to help raise customer confidence. These three areas demonstrate where Microsoft is better with Dell:

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