ESG On Location – VMware Explore 2022

ESG On Location – VMware Explore 2022

Sporting a new name, the long anticipated in-person event, VMware Explore, was back this year with new innovation, new conversations, and a new theme, “Cloud Chaos.” The ESG analyst team was there, on location, and in this video, you will hear from me, as well as Mark Bowker, Bob Laliberte, Paul Nashawaty, and Kevin Rhone, on the most impressive announcements and insights from the event.

Check out the video and hope to see you in person at next year’s event.

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IT Partners Embrace Services to Capture EUC Market Share (Videos)

I recently recorded a couple of short videos with my colleague and Lead ESG Analyst, Mark Bowker where we had an informal conversation about trends in end-user computing (EUC) and how partners are adapting their go-to-market strategies to respond to their customer asks.

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ESG Launches UCaaS Research

Communication platforms are where work gets done. The immense collaboration surge has inspired companies to centralize workflows, efficiently manage projects, and interact with colleagues in real time as they integrate their favorite applications, build custom applications, and consolidate business processes.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): Youngsters Reject Federal Work, Zoom Looks to Blur, and Bank of Ireland's Big Fine

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This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Job seekers under 30 reject federal work, alarming lawmakers: https://searchhrsoftware.techtarget.c...

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The Bigger Truth (Video): VCs Splurge on Cybersecurity, Ericsson Acquires Vonage, & Who Needs 5G, Anyway?

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This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Cybersecurity investments surge in 2021 as VCs go all in:

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Insights from Slack Frontiers 2021

I enjoy how this industry keeps pulling us in directions that challenge the norm and highlight the value of innovation. It has quickly become evident that connecting people over video is the low bar in creating immersive experiences for employees and customers. Remember back two years ago that not everyone was very comfortable on video and would frequently not even turn their cameras on. Fast forward to today and what I saw Slack highlight at Frontiers and you will see that video is one small piece of the way people interact, managers manage, and companies connect with customers. I appreciated how Slack used the below simple message at Slack Frontiers to provide inspiration across three very important constituents: teams, partners, AND customers.

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Apple Business Essentials Further Demonstrates Focus Beyond Consumers

Let's face it, while businesses recognize that they should be managing devices, apps, and data better than they are currently doing, there are still MANY midmarket businesses that have not put controls and process in place. I highly suspect that good intentions exist in these companies, but lack of skills, complex solutions, balancing risk and time are all factoring into where device management lands on their priority list. Apple is out to help change this.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): Ransomware Rules Push, Facebook Woes, & China Wants a Say in Tech Standards Setting

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In this week's episode, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise news stories:

US lawmakers propose ransomware reporting rules:

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Dell Technologies World: Insights and Go-to-market Impact

One may think that the pace of cloud innovation and changing consumption models have simplified life for IT professionals. However, ESG's annual Technology Spending Intentions Survey highlighted that 75% of organizations believe IT complexity has increased over the last 2 years. Dell Technologies World was packed with announcements and information to help IT professionals address this complexity and transform operations. Listen in as Mark Peters, Practice Director; Kevin Rhone, Director ESG Channel Acceleration; Scott Sinclair, ESG Senior Analyst; and I share our thoughts on the event and the potential Dell is creating with Apex.

Topics: Storage Channel Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

Digital Workspace Ecosystem Conversation with Jeremy Moskowitz of PolicyPak (Video)

It's always good to catch up with Jeremy. We had very similar starts (a story for another blog) to our careers in IT. I'm always impressed with how tuned in Jeremy is with IT professionals and his constant drive to innovate in this digital workspace market. 

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