This IS the Year of VDI! Thank You COVID-19 #!@*^!

Anyone tracking virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has seen numerous claims over the past 5+ years that “this is the year of VDI.” The technology has been compelling but limited in deployment for corner cases and specific employee profiles. It’s never bounced past these use cases. Until now.

COVID-19 has found companies left unprepared for this unplanned event and without a solid business continuity plan in place for WFH (work from home) employees. Prior to COVID-19, business executives were reluctant to support WFH and feared the impact to employee productivity. The technology to deliver a secure workspace for an employee is rarely the issue but was often used as an excuse to restrict WFH policies. A small percentage of companies had a local business continuity plan in place for local natural disasters, but few had plans in place to address the scale of WFH we are seeing today.

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VDI & DaaS Make WFH Work

The technology to help businesses deliver a secure and productive experience for employees as they work from home has been around for years. Businesses have implemented virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) to enable remote employees, but the technology has never broken through a relatively small percentage of the employee base or been used outside of specific use cases. ESG has spoken with numerous companies that invested in VDI or DaaS to help address local business continuity, but now companies are finding themselves having to maintain business continuity globally. Something they have not likely planned for.

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Microsoft Ignite Sparks Attention Across the Market (with Video)

Microsoft has a tough balance to strike as they maintain decades of technology investments while inspiring cloud consumption models, modern platforms, and an unprecedented step forward with security. I recently shared that it is Time  to Add Microsoft Ignite as a Must Attend Event. Microsoft Ignite was full of announcements and openness that will shift how businesses have traditionally thought of Microsoft. 
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Time to Add Microsoft Ignite as a Must Attend Event

Microsoft Ignite should be added as a must attend event for IT decision makers and executives that have any type of current investment in Microsoft, building cloud strategies and transforming the way people work. The wave of announcements, the insights into technology, and the validations of customer success are worth tuning into.

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Made By Google...Ready for the Workplace?

I had the opportunity to attend the live Made By Google '19 event in New York City on October 15, 2019.

Given the pace of change and innovation in the market it is fascinating to attend these events and get a firsthand look at the technologyAs a consumer, it is easy to get excited about the latest gadgets, but businesses have traditionally been accustomed to technology lifecycles that are measured and accounted for in years--often 3, 5, and even 1year incrementsInnovators like Google are moving at a pace that is difficult to digest, never mind consume for mainstream businesses.  

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Microsoft and Samsung Locking Into the Future of Work

If you tuned into Galaxy Unpacked 2019, you had the opportunity to be thrilled by all the Samsung announcements, but when Microsoft popped into the storyline and Satya Nadella jumped on stage, it became clear that Samsung (and Microsoft) are focused beyond the consumer market and locking into the corporate workforce. The Samsung and Microsoft partnership also validates that the powerhouses are geared up to compete against Apple, Goggle, and AWS.

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Digital Workspaces Create Unintended Consequences

New "born in the cloud" companies have it EASY! If I was to start a company today, it would be relatively simply (and fast) to choose business platforms, applications, and endpoints. While in reality, businesses have years of technology investments and business processes. So while companies are seeing the benefits and value of a digital workplace strategy, they risk creating a substantial functionality deficit.

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Microsoft Windows Is Just an App

Look, there is no denying that Microsoft Windows has a massive footprint across the globe and has been the primary endpoint operating system that companies have relied on for decades. Heck, as much as I personally sometimes try to move over to other platforms like Mac OS or Chromebook, I find myself tied back to Microsoft Windows at some capacity. The same situation holds true for businesses as they continue to use Microsoft Windows because they have to, but the usage and interest of alternative solutions compounded with truly amazing capabilities on smartphones and tablets opens the door to create an enlightened end-user experience and improved productivity.

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Is Google NEXT Enterprise-ready?

As the ESG team gears up to attend Google NEXT, these are some of the hot spots we will be focused on:

  • The first and most obvious will be to see what stakes Thomas Kurian is driving into the ground to help drive Google Cloud execution in the market and candidly to see how they intend to close the gap with AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Google NEXT has historically scored an A on technology and a C on a clearly defined message and execution strategy into the enterprise. My observation is that attendees participate in Google NEXT because they see great things with the technology but have historically walked away without a clear path to simple things that are highly relevant to enterprise IT--e.g., virtual machine migration, basic cloud readiness assessment, and relevance of legacy IT that is anchored to on-prem infrastructure and process.
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2019 Predictions for Enterprise Mobility (Video)

2019 will be a year where businesses will need to adapt processes and people to technology that already exists in the market. My colleague Doug Cahill and I highlight multiple opportunities for businesses as they embrace ways to securely deliver applications and data to end-users. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Device consolidation.
  • The gig economy's impact on secure access.
  • The increasing confidence in the native security capabilities of UEM platforms.
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