Modern Network Security Transformation

Early in my high-tech career, SUN Microsystems was thought of as a computing visionary. SUN coined an intriguing company tagline early on, "the network is the computer." What did this mean? That IT infrastructure was linked together in a loosely coupled architecture, tied together via networking technologies like Ethernet cables and the TCP/IP protocol. Thus, it was critical to engineer the network correctly to maximize network availability, performance, and business benefits.

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Extreme Continues Expansion Strategy with Aerohive

Extreme will be celebrating the 4th of July holiday with its latest acquisition, Aerohive. In what seems to be a trend for Extreme, it was able to pick up the company for a good price (especially when compared to other recent WiFi acquisitions). The big difference, however, is that in this case it did not just acquire the assets, but rather the whole company. Translation – this one should be a bit smoother, more predictable and hopefully lacking surprises!

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HPE Goes 'All In' on 'as a Service' at Discover 2019

The big news in Las Vegas this week was HPE’s decision to go all in on “as a service.” Emboldened by its success with GreenLake, Antonio Neri announced the entire HPE portfolio would be available “as a service” by 2022. To be clear, HPE will continue to sell products via traditional CapEx methods, as well, offering its customers choice. Its premise is that it believes that cloud is not a destination, but rather it is an experience and so this announcement challenges the notion that cloud first equals public cloud only, and deliver the same cloud experience with Greenlake. The new “as a service” option will include subscription, pay-per-use and consumption models and fall under the GreenLake brand.

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Cisco Continues to Execute on Intent-based Network Strategy

Last week, I attended Cisco Live US in San Diego to hear the latest and greatest from Cisco executives and technology leaders. Following Cisco’s campus refresh a couple of months ago, the company continued to execute against its Intent-based networking imperative with a number of announcements aimed at making your network solutions smarter, simpler, and more secure.

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How a Circular Economy Can Help Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Efforts

Have you ever thought of what 50 tons of ewaste would look like? Probably not, but that is the amount of ewaste expected to be generated this year. To put it into perspective, I was recently told that much waste would be equivalent to 4500 Eiffel towers, basically enough to cover all of Manhattan. Even more important, ewaste is only 2% of our overall waste, but makes up 70% of our toxic waste.

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Extreme Connect 2019 Has All The Right Elements For Its Customers

This week Extreme hosted customers for its second annual customer event, Extreme Connect. Reflective of its own growth, conference attendees doubled in size this year and that was evidenced by its packed keynotes and technology breakouts. The theme for this year’s event was #FutureForward.

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Ready or Not; 5G is Coming (Video)

I attended the Big 5G event in Denver Colorado last week. The show was well attended, with every session I went to, including keynotes, having standing room only. That is probably a good indicator of the level of interest in and even to a certain degree the level of hype surrounding 5G.

The keynotes had representatives from major North American CSPs, including ATT, C-Spire, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon (alphabetically). While there was plenty of “we were first in this 5G category” claims from two of these vendors and commentary about other countries' deployments that would lead you to believe this was a race, one of the speakers echoed a comment from a recent DARPA show that probably sums up the transition to 5G best, in that 5G is an evolution, not a race. Indeed, comments from the other major vendors stated that they did not want to release a 5G solution until they are ready, which they assured us they will be soon. In fact, CTIA stated there will be 92 5G deployments in 2019. Across all of IT, we have seen technology adoption accelerating, and 5G is no different, so expect the 5G adoption rate to be the fastest yet. ATT cited an example that a new deployment would typically be 18 mos, but for their first roll out, it was only six months.

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Dell Technologies World – Optimism & Happiness? (Includes Video)

Spring brings things you expect – tax day (in the US), storms and showers (in much of the Northern hemisphere), and some variant of Dell/EMC/Dell Technologies World (in whatever Las Vegas is!). But this Spring brought something unexpected too – at Dell Technologies World the discussion for the closing general session panel centered on “optimism and happiness in the digital age.” So there!

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Networking Getting Some Airtime at Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Tech World kicked off in Vegas this week, capturing the attention of 15,000 attendees from over 122 different countries.

The big announcements in the day one keynote were focused on Hybrid Cloud, the Microsoft Azure partnership, and unified workspace, but the underlying theme was clear. Dell Technologies is continuing to embrace its “Better Together” philosophy creating solutions from its family of companies. This is evidenced by its solutions that leverage technology from VMware, Dell EMC, SecureWorks etc., wrapped into a single bundle.

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NETSCOUT Engage19 Explores “Visibility Without Borders”

NetScout recently held its Customer Event: Engage19 in Nashville TN. Situated in the Opryland hotel (now called the Gaylord Opryland), there were approximately 800 attendees from over 350 companies coming to hear about the latest from NETSCOUT, meet with key executives, and learn from technical experts.

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