ESG in Conversation with 'Coz' at Pure Accelerate (Video)

John Colgrove (universally known as 'Coz') is one of the founders at Pure - that alone makes him interesting. But he also happens to be a genuinely interesting person; so when I got a chance to interview him at the recent Pure Accelerate event, naturally I took it.

I wanted to avoid the obvious “tell us about the products, Coz” (if you want to know about the happenings at the company and the event, you can see ESG's On Location video and other blogs by Bob Laliberte, Scott Sinclair, and Mike Leone)....and so instead in just 5 minutes or so we manage to touch on the motivation of the company founders, the satisfaction of Pure implementations that deliver real value to humanity and not just to balance sheets, and the future - or at least semantic longevity! - of the storage and data industries.

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Pure Accelerate 2018

Last week, Pure took advantage of the historic Bill Graham Civic Center and auditorium to host its annual customer and analyst event, Pure Accelerate 2018. Accelerate is a good choice for Pure as 2017 marked its first year with over one billion dollars in revenue as an independent company. A feat it accomplished in 8 short years.

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Pure Accelerate 2018 – Data Centric in the City (includes video)

If nothing else, Pure has, to date, managed to pick some interesting locations for its Accelerate conferences – this year the now-signature food trucks that exemplify the event were lined up right across from City Hall in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. I wrote ‘if nothing else,’ but of course that’s unfair, as Pure also always manages to have an excellent combination of style and substance.

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Pure Accelerate: The Future is Now

As we have watched the flash storage industry evolve over the past several years, vendors tend to follow one of two different approaches. The first approach is often one that tries to time the market and figure out when to make the transition. This approach tends to involve tiers of storage infrastructure, where more emergent technologies are more expensive and targeted at higher value workloads, while the established technologies are delivered to the masses. As time goes on, technology vendors figure out how to balance the transition. And we in the industry debate things like the cost benefit tradeoffs of the different options.

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Accelerating to a Data-centric Architecture with Pure Storage

Having taken a few days break from the color orange, I’m ready to share my thoughts on Pure Accelerate. The show started with Pure Storage CEO Charlie Giancarlo talking about stools, with the three legs of a stool representing the core components of the data center: compute, networking, and storage. We were left with a new Pure vision anchored in storage, but focused on more than storage: a data-centric architecture that addresses the simplicity, agility, and performance requirements of the modern business. 

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Pure Accelerates its Move from Being Purely About All-flash Arrays

Pure Storage held its "Accelerate" event in San Francisco earlier this month. The descriptor "in San Francisco" is accurate but doesn't really do justice to the actual location: Pier 70 was a very special - no doubt challenging, but certainly worthwhile - place to hold an event of this sort. Indeed Accelerate will be the last event that happens at Pier 70, as it - and the whole area - is due to be cleared for redevelopment.

With a degree of sadness to see something so proud and once-useful be done away with, it was nonetheless a fitting place for a company with a "disruptive gene" like Pure to stage its event. I took the chance to produce a video blog of the event - which includes interviews with both Brian Schwarz and Matt Kixmoeller of Pure - and it encapsulates my key insights and views from the event.

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