Wrap-up on Backup from VeeamON 2017

Last week, I sat down with the folks at The Cube at VeeamON 2017 to talk about a range of topics including Veeam, the evolutions in the broader data protection market, and more.
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Availability Comes of (Digital Life) Age - VeeamOn 2017

I've just finished up at VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans and the show really was a coming out party for Veeam. As the leader in terms of availability and data protection, Veeam can define the space with its messaging and positioning. Thus, when Veeam presents a new vision for how availability is seen from today's digital businesses, it elevates how the industry should think about data.

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Veeam: nice guys still finish first

I just left Veeam's analyst summit (in Napa, which is fantastic). Normally I don’t do analyst days (as we have legitimately smart analysts who do them), but I wanted to know more about this company who successfully latched on to the virtualization movement and never let go. Plus, did I mention it was in Napa?

Suffice it to say that Veeam is one of those "once in 25 years" success stories. They use their own money, grow at an insane pace, print cash, and have become the envy of not only the “availability” world, but anyone in this generation of tech.

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Wrap-up on Backup from VeeamON 2015 (Video)

Wrap-up on Backup from VeeamON 2015

If your Director of IT came and told you that you needed to "Look for a backup/replication product that was built-for VMs," you’d obviously look at Veeam.

But what if your Director of IT asked you for ‘more,’ like:

  • Recovery from hardware snapshots
  • Basic protection for physical Windows endpoints and those legacy file servers you still have
  • The ability to retain data on tape or in a variety of public clouds
  • The ability to leverage a range of deduplicated storage appliances for better CapEx
  • Granular restoration of data from applications like SQL, Exchange, or Oracle
  • The ability to protect Linux servers, on-premises and in cloud providers
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VMworld 2015 Had Some Great Marketing

There was some great marketing execution at VMworld 2015.

As a sequel to my blog last year that “Event Marketing Doesn’t Get Enough Credit,” here is my tip of the hat to some of the unsung heroes of tradeshows: the events planners and marketing leaders that ensure that the technology experts and sales folks have compelling venues and leave a strong impression on the attendees, who are hyper-stimulated for four straight days. 

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Why ExaGrid & Veeam are Rockin' VM Backup and Restore - and ROI

Let's face it, you built your data center for one reason: to generate revenue. The return on investment of your hardware, software, and people really depends on what you do with that infrastructure: Is it mostly used for production activities? Or is there a lot of time when users are stymied because there’s a backup running? How much time is spent on essential—but non-production—activities like data protection?

Backup is the first line of defense, and if you’re like most organizations, you do some kind of backup daily, weekly, and monthly. To get the most out of your infrastructure and IT staff, you want to spend as little time and effort as possible on backup, but still be ready to restore fast. To that end, a common practice is to do incremental backups daily, and then once a week or so roll those incremental changes up into a synthetic full backup. This gives you a full backup that’s easier to restore from, but taking less time out of production. 

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Could VeeamON be the next MMS?

This week is the first VeeamON, Availability for the Modern Data Center, conference in Las Vegas.

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Event Marketing Doesn't Get Enough Credit

With 25 years of attending tradeshows and launch events, I can attest that the Marketing/Events team does not get enough credit.

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How do you back up Big Data? Or SaaS? Who will be the next Veeam?

It seems that every time a new major IT platform is delivered, backing it up is an afterthought – often exacerbated by the fact that the platform vendor didn’t create the APIs or plumbing to enable a backup ecosystem. Each time, there is a gap where the legacy folks aren’t able to adapt quickly enough and a new vendor (or small subset) start from scratch to figure it out. And for a while, perhaps a long while, they are the defacto solution until the need becomes so great that the platform vendor creates the APIs, and then everyone feverishly tries to catch up. Sometimes they do, other times, not so much:

Veeam, while not the only virtualization-specific backup solution, is a classic example of this scenario and is typically the vendor that the legacy solutions measure themselves against for mindshare or feature innovation in their efforts to win back those who are using a VM-specific product in combination with traditional physical backup solutions.

Before them, Seagate Software’s Backup Exec was synonymous with Windows Server backups, helped by the built-in "Backup Exec lite" version that shipped within early Windows.

Before them, Cheyenne Software’s ARCserve was synonymous with Novell NetWare backups, who was among the first to protect a server's data from within the server, instead of from the administrator’s desktop (really).

History continues to repeat itself

The challenge for platform vendors is that after the early adopters have embraced a platform (any platform), the mainstream folks will push back under the premise of “If I am going to put my eggs (data) in this basket, it better be a solid basket” (meaning that it is back-up-able) – without which will ultimately hinder the second/broader waves of adoption. Other examples include:

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Veeam announces VMware management for System Center 2012

At MMS 2012, Microsoft announced the general availability of System Center 2012.

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