Topics to Catch at Citrix Synergy 2015


Here are some topics ESG will be monitoring closely this week at Citrix Synergy.

Dan Conde - Networking:

  • Get a deeper perspective on how NetScaler works in an SDN and SDDC environment.
  • How CloudBridge helps create a virtual WAN.
  • How Citrix networking products work within their partner ecosystem.

Mark Peters - Storage

While we’re all still coming to terms with saying “Citrix” and “full software-defined storage functionality” in the same sentence (the latter being the result of the acquisition of Sanbolic this January), it is going to be interesting to see how comfortable Citrix itself is wearing its new outfit. While clearly there’s not been enough time to fully integrate and plan everything, I am looking for at least some aspirational “picture-painting” of what the eventual destination might be. The early step with its new capabilities was into the converged “pods,” but the sophisticated storage functionality Citrix now owns puts it firmly in the converged infrastructure battle-zone. Right now I expect some sort of statement of direction on the big Synergy stage, and that alone will be a major “shot across the bows” of the traditional big [storage] system vendor ships.

Mark Bowker – Enterprise Mobility

How is Citrix going to change the conversation within businesses to appeal to the mobility strategist and mobility center excellence? These are cross functional roles inside businesses that are starting to pull together business executives, lines of business leaders, and cross disciplines within IT. How is Citrix going to help nurture and grow these critical responsibilities?

Can Citrix turn cloud-delivered workspaces into a reality? Cloud-delivered workspace services controlled and managed as a cloud consumption delivery model with the flexibility to BYO identity, apps, and data is a rather compelling value proposition. How will it sit with the attendees and have they reached the maturity phase to consume workspace services in this manner?

Insight on trends in converged infrastructure

Topics: Storage Networking Enterprise Mobility