Ubiquity on Full Display at VMworld 2018 (Video)

Peters_VMworld2018Yes, VMworld is a vendor event.

But it is also as near to a general IT event as there is.

The 2018 version in Las Vegas showed this “parallel dichotomy” in full force. A focus on the company’s own progress, innovation, and execution was pretty much matched by a focus on its partnerships and its integral position in the overall IT ecosystem. It’s hard to cover everything; but an extensive ESG contingent did its best to distill down some of the key new announcements and take-aways. It means that our On Location video is a little longer than usual at 7 minutes, but it’s packed with insights.

Thanks for watching – you’ll also see plenty of individual blog coverage from our team. The new concepts and products certainly tend to grab one's emotional interest at these events; but the numbers certainly are objectively compelling too. Just consider this sampling:

  • VMware returned $11BN cash to Dell, its major shareholder
  • The company is #17 on Forbes “Change the World” list
  • VSAN is growing like topsy, and is now used by 50% of the Global 2000
  • There are 4200 companies in VMware’s Cloud Provider Program
  • Over 7500 Virtual Cloud Network customers
  • And VMware did all the above before its 20th birthday!
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