vBlog on Data Protection Economics -- Why IT Continues to Invest in Better Backups

Organizations of all sizes continue to seek better ways to protect their data. It's not just because their existing backup solutions are broken (some are broken, some are antiquated/cumbersome, and others just aren’t scaling as their production systems evolve) – but that’s not all of them. In many cases, folks are just trying to improve what they are doing, often based on economics, not technical features. People are spending money on Improving Data Backups, as seen in ESG’s IT Spending Intentions for 2014, where backup is the #3 planned priority overall and the #1 priority for midsized organizations in 2014. Actually, “backup” has been the number one priority for midsized organizations for the past three years running. Why is that?

Here’s a video to discuss some of the perhaps less-obvious reasons that IT organizations continue to invest in better data protection solutions (spoiler alert: It isn’t typically for “features”) – and what IT vendors and IT decision makers should be thinking about.

I hope that this was helpful. As always, thanks for watching.

Topics: Data Protection